my designs for guildery

i am so excited to announce i have several design collections with guildery.  guildery offers home goods like ottomans, shower curtains, headboards, pillows, wallpaper and fabric!  

they offer so many types of fabric you could pretty much do any project including apparel!  they sell fabric by the yard and there are no minimums.  you can order fabric swatches before you start your project just to make totally sure it's the right fabric and color for you.  cool right!?

and now guildery has a special feature where you can customize the colors on a design.  so if you see a design you like, but the colors don't match your room, change it up!

i super love this headboard.  when we move into our new house, i might just have to buy another bed just so we can use this headboard!



she finds the light

even in the uncertainty and chaos, she finds the light.

i'm working on some posts to share with you how i'm finding my light.  until then, enjoy your weekend!

i found this piece (and many others)  while i was doing a massive clean out of my studio.  i'll be listing prints of these lost treasures in my shop one at a time.  

MATS bootcamp nautical wall art

tammie bennett's tatooed whale

i took lilla rogers' make art that sells bootcamp, and while i didn't participate as fully as i had planned, i had fun with this particular assignment.  

we were to create a piece of wall art using a nautical theme.  i have been loving whales for a little while now and i knew i either wanted to have whale or mermaid imagery in my piece.  

i first created the piece below using acrylic on cork for a little added texture. then i created the piece above in illustrator after scanning in my sketches.

tammie bennett's northern whale

i think it's pretty funny how both pieces have the same basic idea of a whale diving deeper, but they are quite different at the same time. 

these were a lot of fun to create.  i've added them to my shop because i had a couple requests to do so after posting them on instagram or facebook.