spring colours week :: white

today is the last day of spring colours week at poppytalk.  somehow i didn't have anything lavender to photograph yesterday.  and to think that i used to be the president of the purple lovers club when i was in fourth grade!  shameful, i tell ya.

i'll be working on something special in my craft room this weekend, in between the mother-daughter tea that i'll be going to with the girls and the two track meets and the fossil hunt. can't wait to show you all next week.

happy weekend everyone!

spring colours week

it's spring colours week on poppytalk. you can join in, too. today's color is green. in the midst of all the chaos in and around our house, i decided to rip up the nasty carpet in my craft room. the wood floors underneath are in terrible condition, but i'm going to embrace the "rustic" look. all of my supplies are in boxes and laundry baskets, and there is furniture all willy nilly. i'll have to give you some updates as i put it all back together. i took a little walk around the yard to take some green pictures and it was a nice {and much needed } relief from my craft room insanity.