MATS bootcamp nautical wall art

tammie bennett's tatooed whale

i took lilla rogers' make art that sells bootcamp, and while i didn't participate as fully as i had planned, i had fun with this particular assignment.  

we were to create a piece of wall art using a nautical theme.  i have been loving whales for a little while now and i knew i either wanted to have whale or mermaid imagery in my piece.  

i first created the piece below using acrylic on cork for a little added texture. then i created the piece above in illustrator after scanning in my sketches.

tammie bennett's northern whale

i think it's pretty funny how both pieces have the same basic idea of a whale diving deeper, but they are quite different at the same time. 

these were a lot of fun to create.  i've added them to my shop because i had a couple requests to do so after posting them on instagram or facebook.  

lilla rogers' MATS bootcamp assignment #1 :: cuckoo clocks


when lilla announced she was offering make art that sells (MATS) assignment bootcamp, i knew i wanted to be a part of it.  i loved the assignments lilla gave us in MATS part A and B.  they are always on trend and somehow she gets people to turn in their best work.  

just as in MATS parts A and B, lilla gives a mini-assignment to get your ready for the main assignment.  i do like this way of creating, but more often than not the very first idea that pops into my head is the one i can't shake, no matter how many other sketches i do.  sometimes i just *know* what i want to create.  i still try to do 25-50 sketches to see what comes out of it.  

the second i read cuckoo clock, i knew i wanted to do a clock that had a girl whose legs acted as the weights.  i thought it would look so cool to have a clock on the wall with a girl with legs of different lengths.  my first sketch didn't have a clock anywhere, but as soon as i realized it, i knew it just had to go in her topknot!

lilla gave us a  color palette to work with so i tweaked it a little and used that.  i tend to use the same 5-7 colors so it was fun for me to break out of that routine for a bit!

after a week of doodling and sketching our mini assignment, lilla gives us our main assignment. in this case, a cuckoo clock design for a phone case.  

i really didn't do too many revisions.  i knew what i wanted it to look like and i pretty much achieved it.

i hope you'll check out the gallery on lilla's site to see the other talented artists' takes on the assignment.  

week 1 in lilla rogers' MATS class part B :: paper market

yay - lilla rogers' make art that sells, part B has begun! the focus for the first week was on the paper market. yum - i love paper!  as a kid i used to ask, "please, please, please can we go to bush stationers?!"  i would spend what felt like hours (but also felt like not enough time) browsing the aisles of paper, pens, erasers, journals.... oh my!

our assignment this week  was to create a holiday card using candy and/or ornaments.  i designed the three cards above, but i turned in the one with the pink background.  it was refreshing to do this assignment without stressing about getting picked by lilla for the critique.  i sat down and designed cards that i would like to send to family and friends.  and now i totally want to send these out!!

i don't know what it is about lilla's class, but i have SO. MUCH. FUN. with the mini assignments and maxi assignments she gives. my whole body fills up with this sense of lightness and joy when i'm sketching and scanning and coloring and tweaking for my assignments.

want to see some work from my classmates?  see denise's and lauren's.

which card to you like the best?

tammie bennett's holiday card

tammie bennett's holiday card



tammie bennett's season's greetings card

tammie bennett's season's greetings card