i am human.

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i've read two amazing books lately and they both talk about having self compassion and owning your truth.  

glennon doyle melton's carry on warrior changed my life.  for reals.  i seriously want to send a copy to every woman i know.  (and some men too, but i think it speaks particularly to the women in my life).  i kind of feel like she was sent down here to earth just to write this book to speak to me directly cause she gets me.  and i get her.  i totally, totally get it.  and she said all the things i was feeling and thinking but didn't know i was feeling and thinking them.  

brene brown's the gifts of imperfection is another one that hit me in the gut.  i've almost read it many times over the past couple years, but i guess i wasn't ready for it yet.  until now.  i picked it up this summer and i was totally ready and open to it.  and it spoke to me on such a deep level.  

maybe these books came into my life right when i was about to go through a vulnerable period of moving across the country to a place where i don't know anyone.  maybe they came just as i became aware that i had been keeping my friends at arm's length because i was scared to let them see my imperfections.  my human-ness.  

we only had a few days in our house and in our town before we moved and i did everything in my power to get my kids to see their friends one last time.  i realized that i didn't have many people that i just had to see.  (in the end, i didn't get to see most of my people due to the chaos of leaving town)

it turns out i wasn't close to very many people.  i didn't let many people in.  i didn't want them to see my messy, disorganized house.  i didn't want them to know how exhausted and lonely i get.  i didn't want to give up my quiet time in order to go out to a bar for ladies' night.  i didn't want to feel ashamed when my puppies jumped and licked and barked instead of sitting quietly on command.  i didn't want them to notice how it's been years since i've printed pictures of my family to hang on the walls.  or how i hadn't put anything on the walls in the 7 years we lived there.  

but after having read the two AMAZING books i mentioned above, i'm going to do this differently from here on out.  i'll likely still have a messy, disorganized house and i'll likely still get exhausted and not want to go to ladies' night.  but i will embrace and honor these parts of me instead of feeling shame and hiding away from friendship.  i will invite people over warmly and give them full warning that my house may not be magazine worthy, and my dogs may be a little rowdy, and i probably won't have good snacks or wine.  but i will listen non-judgmentally to their stories and i will give them hugs and laughs and friendship.  and permission to be human.


what i've been reading

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i've been hunkering down into some good books lately.  i thought i would share them with you here.  we'll start with some non-fiction books for being productive and chasing down those goals and dreams.

  • show your work.  i love this little book packed with gems about how to get your work out there.
  • the big leap :: i'm still reading this one.  and it's good.  lots of oh-my-gosh-this-is-totally-me moments.
  • the miracle morning :: quick read about how to become more productive and work towards your dreams and goals by getting up and doing 6 key things each morning.  now i just need to put this into practice.  can someone please tell my puppies that when i say i want to wake up early, i do NOT mean 4:30am.
  • write it down, make it happen  :: i'm a big dreamer.  i dream all kinds of things and i believe they can happen.  but i haven't been one who writes them down.  this book shows how much power you give a goal or dream by writing it down.  after reading this book, i've been writing them down. i'll keep you updated.
  • the success principles (TM) :: okay.  do not judge this book by its cover.  i would never have picked up this book in a bookstore and would have been grossed out.  i don't usually seek out older men in suits talking about money and success and wealth  and that's what i see on this cover. (sorry mr canfield.)  but somehow i came across a speech he gave online and i loved what he said and i got this book.  i'm only half way through but i love it. yes, it does talk about wealth and money, but that is certainly not the main focus.  he gives great tips on how to get to where you want to be.  for some that means selling millions of widgets.  for me it means other things and this book is helping me figure out how to get there.  give this one a chance.  seriously. it's changing my outlook on life to a much more positive one.  

and now for the fiction books :: 

  • divergent :: i finally jumped on the bandwagon and finished this and insurgent in a few days.  thank you, kids, for letting me ignore you for a bit.  will be reading allegiant very soon. 
  • a hologram for the king :: i'm not finished with this yet, but i'm enjoying it.  this is my soak-in-the-tub read, so i'm reading it in small doses.  

if you are on goodreads, let's be friends.  

also, the above links are affiliate links through amazon, so if you buy any books after clicking the links, i'll get a few cents with which i will buy more books.  or candy.


tammie bennett's uncovered illustrationthis time of year i'm ready for new beginnings.  i  crave routine, i want things to be streamlined, organized and less cluttery.  it's about this time of  year i start looking around at some of the excess in my home.  i have a bookshelf crammed with really. great. books.  books i've bought to teach me techniques. books i've bought for inspiration. books to give me ideas on new materials or subject matter.  the problem is that i glance over them, do a couple "oohs" and "aahs", and maybe even put a sticky note on a few pages.  and then i shelve it.  ne'er to return. and funnily enough, often in times of overwhelm (which happens more often than i'd like to admit), i have turned to retail-inspiration-therapy.  and not in the cool i'm buying cute sweaters and shoes kind of way.  i buy more books.  instead of taking all those ideas dancing around in my head and putting them onto paper, i buy more books thinking that it will solve all my overwhelm.  "maybe that book has that one image that will bring it all into focus for me."  ... and the cycle repeats.

SO.  i'm going to try a new challenge. once a week i'd like to show you a new art piece that i've created directly inspired by a book on my shelf. i'm calling this new series "uncovered". as in, looking under the covers of the books to find something cool. as in uncovering a gem inside the book (and maybe myself).

this week, i uncovered jenny doh's craft-a-doodle: 75 creative exercises from 18 artists*. it's basically a book full of amazing doodles and projects from an all star cast of some of my very fave artists.craft a doodle book i wanted to try almost every project in this book, but i felt super inspired by dinara mirtalipova's "framed love" project :: doodleexerpt cute, right?! here's what i came up with. the word "yes" comes into my head all. the. time. (probably why i'm always so overwhelmed. i tend to think it's ALL possible). yes! yessketch

have you uncovered anything cool lately?

*affiliate link to amazon.  if you buy the book using this link, i'll have a few cents to buy art supplies....or food for my children.