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so there was a workshop/class offered online recently and i really, really wanted to take it.  but we are living on a strict budget now and i am making very conscious decisions about where i spend my money.  

the class offered to do things really important for taking my art business to the next level.  the class offered to help me do things  i had already set in motion.  things i had already been working on very hard for over a month.  things i knew i could do. things i knew how to do. 

i really didn't want to miss out.  i wanted to be a part of the energy of creatives moving forward in their businesses. i wasn't totally sure i would take the steps necessary to advance my business on my own without a support system of classmates.

i looked at the website every day for two weeks.  i tried coming up with creative ways to come up with the money.  i emailed the instructor asking if it was a good fit for me.  she responded quickly and with great advice. (she said it is totally my call, the class would help if i needed the extra support.)   i talked it over with my husband way more than he probably wanted (sorry and thank you chris.)

in the past, i would have signed up in the blink of an eye.  there have been many classes i've signed up for over the past few years where i realized halfway through that i already knew what do and how to do it.  it was just a matter of doing it.  

i realize now (thanks to one of the chats i had with chris) that i have been signing up for all these classes with the thought that they will hold me accountable and make me do the work.  but guess what, signing up for a class doesn't make you create the art and send it to manufacturers.  just like buying a gym membership doesn't make you trim and fit.  

so i took a leap of faith in myself.  i made a gigantic and emotional decision that i'm going to trust myself on this one.  i trust that i will do the work.  i trust that i will create the art.  i trust that i will send it to companies with an ask to work together.  i trust that i don't need to pay someone else to tell me to do what i already know i need to do.  i trust that even if i don't know exactly what to do, i'll figure it out

i trust myself.  i'll let you know how it goes. 

and for the record, i sent out a big, fat, scary ask last week and am about to send another one. my plan is to do one a week.  



6 great art + design e-courses to take in 2014

© tammie bennett  

© tammie bennett

as you may know, i am a self-confessed ecourse junkie.  i've mostly sworn off any new ecourses for myself for 2014 because i'll be so busy preparing for surtex, but i thought you might be interested in some of the amazing classes being offered on the internet in the upcoming year!  if you decide to take any of them, let me know- i'd love to see what you create! 

ps.  the ones that have a little * by them are affiliate links, which means i get a bit of money if you sign up using that link.  i'll then turn around and use that money to help pay for my booth at surtex, so thank you!

resources :: i'm an e-course junkie

i'm an ecourse junkie since i never went to school for art or design, i've had to teach myself or take online classes.  i am so thankful for the internet and being able to take classes in my pajamas after my kids go to bed!  there are so many AMAZING classes out there and i tend to sign up for way too many.  but i have found that they all tend to help and influence each other in my brain. all of the classes  i'm taking this summer have helped push me to add depth and layers and texture to my work.

the classes i'm taking this summer are ::

  • pages and paint :: a mixed media and sketchbook class offered by squam online workshops and taught by sarah ahearn bellemare : ♥ love ♥ this class. it has opened me up so much as an artist. i never really layer things, but this is teaching me so much about layers and just letting go.
  • speaking of letting go, flora bowley's bloom true e-course has been so freeing. i've never painted this freely before and i am happy with the outcome. (pictures on the blog soon!)
  • jo's your darling blog design workshop :  she teaches you tips and tricks to have a beautiful blog that's consistent with your brand.  her examples are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  i'm learning SO many photoshop tricks.  it's made me realize that although i am an artist, i am going to need help with my web design. but it's so cool to see what goes on behind the scenes - placement of objects, branding, textures + layers, pleasing to the eye, simple navigation....  i'm loving this class.
  • kelly rae roberts' flying lessons :: tips and tricks to make your creative business soar.  i read her e-books and loved them. i think being in the class and being surrounded by others who are doing the same things will be really helpful and i can't wait for it to begin.

if you want more links to check out, i have lots of other super, awesome things to check out on my resources page.