i really must stop...

turtle sundae...eating a turtle sundae every day.  but it is so, so good. if you would like to join me on the dark side {also known as the land-of-a-daily-sundae}, get some good vanilla bean ice cream, hot fudge syrup, fresh pecans and this caramel syrup from trader joe's... your life will never be the same.  wha-ha-ha-ha.

apple crisp

apple crisp mosaic

we made apple crisp from the apples we picked on saturday. the kids helped with the peeling {and eating} the fresh apples. there is just nothing like fruit picked fresh from the tree. the kids waited with feverish excitement for the apple crisp to be ready.... and then it was time. they all took a bite...and promptly frowned and grimaced. {they didn't like it!} they were so sad that this dessert they had looked forward to all day was not so yummy.  but i have to say i was secretly happy that it wasn't a hit.....because that means more for me!  yum!


painting in the morning.

i was up all night with a crazy cough, but i peeled myself out of bed this morning and started painting right away.  i got a lot done.  of course the kids wanted to paint, too.  so i set them up with canvases and paints in their craft room while i painted away in mine.  {we let chris sleep in for a little while} i used to be a late-night worker, but now i find that in my advancing age i need more sleep.  i don't like waking up still groggy with a dash of grumpy.  so i'd like to start waking up before the kids get out of bed to have a little paint or exercise time.  i can't think of a better way to start the day.

i have to show you some pictures of our breakfast because the way the sun hit the food on the table made me so very happy.  it is so nice out right now, {the warmest day of the year!}, and as soon as i finish this post, i'm going out to play! {and i feel obliged to say that chris and jack made breakfast this morning. and they did a bang up job}

strawberries :: yum!

powdered white donut pyramid.  don't judge.

and a little french toast for good measure