eco-friendly + creative :: cloth napkins

stack of handtowels my 3 little ones are messy eaters - wait...who am i kidding... i'm a messy eater, so we go through a lot of paper towels. one of the projects in one bite at a time is to reduce paper use in the kitchen. she recommends using cloth napkins, and having tons of different cloth rags for different purposes. i bought a cheap pack of cloth napkins at target. i didn't love any of the colors there, so i just got white. but white is really boring. the kids were off from school on monday and i thought of a great project :: decorating our own cloth napkins. i broke out my fabric markers and each kid got to decorate 2 napkins. they were super excited about decorating them. i used an embroidery hoop to make the fabric tight while they were drawing. 2 decorated cloth napkins in the picture above >> on the left :: my 4 year old girl drew a mom, girl and rain cloud. on the right :: i drew a warped face. {i thought it would be fun for the kids to wipe their spaghetti faces on my hand-drawn girl. with good aim, she would have a messy face, too! i was right - they loved that!}. decorated cloth napkins in the picture above >> on the left :: my 8 year old boy's napkin.  i'm impressed that he chose mostly healthy foods.  on the right :: my 6 year old girl's napkin.  so demanding.  i can promise she wasn't demanding apples or blueberries. this was a really fun, really inexpensive craft project.  and it's good for the earth too!

watercolors notre dame washi tape

"i am happy to be here"i made this sign earlier this summer with watercolor and ink. i was trying to decide where to put it when i remembered something about the notre dame football team. totally random, right? stay with me..... so i remember seeing them going down the stairs on their way to the field to play a big game, and on the way down the stairs they tap a sign that says "play like a champion today." i thought it would be cool to put my sign where we can see it every time we walk down our stairs.  i made some washi tape* to hang it on the wall.  i didn't tell anyone that i put it there, but about 3 minutes later maggie came down the stairs and said, "heeey, who put that on the wall?"  i just smiled at her, so happy that someone noticed. a few minutes later i heard her and emmie on the stairs :: emmie : who put that there? maggie :: mom did. emmie :: what does it say? maggie :: i'm happy to be here emmie :: why did she say that? maggie :: because she is happy to be here. at home. with us. all day. me {in my head} :: yep.  well, i don't know about the all day part. hahaha.

**how i made washi tape :: i used double sided tape and  origami paper >>> i stuck one side of the double sided tape to the origami paper and then cut it in strips. then i just peeled off the backing of the double sided tape to use it! super easy.  and cute. **