long may you run :: DIY wall art

long may you runi heard neil young's song on the radio a couple weeks ago and i knew i had to make it into a sign of some sort for our house. i used a white laminate shelf from a bookshelf that we tossed. i kept the shelf around in case i could use it someday. i tried painting on it but it just beaded up. i also tried a sharpie, but it beaded up too. i needed something more immediate than sanding, priming and then painting. so i used a ton of small pieces of masking tape to make the letters. then i used a pencil to shade over the tape and make it a little grungy looking. then i used my sharpie to make random stripes. it looks good on our mantle, but i couldn't get a good photo of it in that room because terrible lighting.

painted wooden floors

once i found out that the wooden floors underneath the nasty carpet in my craft room were in not very condition, i started thinking about painting them.  i know some people in the world gasp and put their hands to their cheeks when they hear "paint" and "hardwood floors" in the same sentence, but that's probably because they haven't seen ana marie horner's craft room, or amanda's painted floors.

i'm in the process of moving everything out of my craft room. and in that process i'm finding a lot of things that i'm going to be finding a new home for once the room is put back together.  so stay tuned for details on my "making room sale." i bought light grey paint for the floors because i thought white would be just a little too much.  the kids' break starts next week, so my goal is to get my room exactly the way in want it in the next 5 days.  can't wait to show you the final result.