forty touches :: 5

tammie bennett's diamonds and flowers pattern for her #40touches project celebrating her turning 40.

to celebrate turning 40, i'm posting a sketch and short writeup of a moment or a person who has touched my life in a positive way.  i will post each day until i turn 40 in march.  

#5 is alma loveland. (how adorable is she?!?! and her husband!  and her kids!)

back in late 2011 i discovered that surface design is a thing! and i wanted that thing to be MY thing.  i immediately searched online for classes on adobe illustrator, one of the two main programs used to create patterns.  i came upon alma loveland's classes on and signed up.  (she now teaches on atly).  

alma's class was a game changer.  or game maker in my case.  she taught with such thoroughness and made something complicated soooo easy and fun.  i spent hours watching her courses and doing the homework.  she gave great feedback and tips for improvement.  i love her design aesthetic and the projects she creates are amazing.

thank you alma, for giving me this gift of knowledge. 


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i will be publishing my 40touches posts in no particular order.  i acknowledge that negative moments have also had an impact on my life, but seeing as how this is a celebration project, i won't be posting those.  

also, i am choosing to only mention 40 because i'm turning 40, and therefore i can't possibly mention all the people, places or moments that have touched me in a positive way.  this is just a sampling that i thought would be fun to talk about and include.

i hope this encourages you to reach out to those who have touched your life in some way.

get schooled this summer

remember how i'm a big fan of ecourses?  still am.  thought i'd introduce you guys to some really interesting-looking classes this summer if you want to brush up on your skills or learn new ones.  i'm thinking of taking one or two of these with my kids.

tammie bennett summer school ecourse

illustrator and pattern design classes ::

make it design summer school :: 3 different levels to help you build your pattern portfolio - and they're free!

illustrator 110 on atly with alma loveland :: i just love alma!  she's the best teacher. i just took this class to learn the pattern making tool on illustrator CS6 which was so confusing to me for some reason.  

skillshare* :: they have tons of great classes in illustrator, photoshop, calligraphy, lettering, design and way more.  

mixed media / sketchbook classes

tim's sally :: imagine play emerge :: mixed media 

sarah ahearn's color pattern paint :: i signed up for this one already.  i loved her first class!

sketchbookery :: the art of making and keeping a sketchbook

eeeek! the things i've learned in adobe illustrator(r) this week

sketch flower pattern in different colorwaysdon't you just love it when you learn something new and you can't help but kind of freak out a little bit?! it's happening to me this week in alma's illustrator 102 class at nicole's classes.

the image above used to be a black and white image that i drew using my finger and the little track pad on my macbook pro. (this was before i got an awesome wacom tablet from my awesome hubs for christmas). i learned how to recolor the artwork with a couple clicks of the mouse in illustrator! oh, the possibilities are endless!i really want to get into fabric design, so knowing how to do this is vital in setting up a fabric collection.

if you like the colors i used, i got them from color collective which is one of my check-it-every-time-there-is-a-new-post blogs. i love the images and color palettes she creates. (and she properly credits the image source!)

i also {finally!!} learned how to do a screen grab on a mac....whoo-hoo!  i'm preeeetttty much a teenage girl right now.  except i'm not squealing about a silly little boy.....i'm squealing about software?!?  yup.