i'm off to surtex - see you back here june 1

tammie bennett's clouds pattern

SURTEX is almost here again.  i'm printing a few last portfolio pieces and trying to consolidate my many to-do lists into one big one.  i'm not letting myself get bogged down by all the things i had planned on doing, but instead celebrating all the things i DID in the months leading up to this show.  i had so much fun creating a promo video.  i created some photoshop patterns that i'm completely in love with (like the one above!).  i became proficient in photoshop.  i balanced preparing for surtex with client work.  i stayed under budget.  i made new fun promo cards and sent them out to dream clients.  i also created promo postcards to hand out at the show.   i worked out 5-7 days a week.  i majorly cleaned up my eating.  i have been an active and present parent to my three kids and their activities.  wow, that's a lot to be proud of when i see it written down.  

i'm looking forward to sharing my booth this year with 2 other artists from the happy happy art collective, emily balsley and jill howarth!  we have a crazy but cool booth design and i can't wait to see it all come together!

if you want to read a few posts about surtex, check these out:

my observations and tips after exhibiting for the first time last year.  a few of these i should have listened to more this year when planning!

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**i'll be back here on the blog june 1st with a recap and some other fun stuff.  i owe some people a post about photoshop, so hang tight friends….

scenes from the sketchbook :: popsicle love

©tammie bennett popsicle love

i have over 900 sketches in my sketchbooks that i've never turned into designs or patterns.  So i'm going to start.  

here's the first one.  i'm still buried under snow and ice here in new jersey, but man am i dreaming of sunshine and popsicles and warmth. 

p.s. i recently added a lot of work to my portfolio and reorganized it.  check it out here.  

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