scenes from the sketchbook :: popsicle love

©tammie bennett popsicle love

i have over 900 sketches in my sketchbooks that i've never turned into designs or patterns.  So i'm going to start.  

here's the first one.  i'm still buried under snow and ice here in new jersey, but man am i dreaming of sunshine and popsicles and warmth. 

p.s. i recently added a lot of work to my portfolio and reorganized it.  check it out here.  

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day after day

tammie bennett's day after day illustration

i've been drawing an image in my sketchbook every single day, never missing once for 784 days as of this writing.

i've been writing a page in my journal every single day, never missing once for 784 days.

i've done a tiny sketch of something i'm thankful for every single day in 2014 (see #365tinythanks on my instagram).

 i created a pattern in adobe illustrator every single day in 2012.  

i've done 10 pushups every single day without a miss for 723 days.  

i've done a minute of plank every single day for 723 days.  

i've done at least a minute of some other exercise for 669 days in a row.  

in 2012, i ran at least 2 miles every single day for 75 days in a row (and then my body needed a break!)

so, i kind of know a thing or two about creating habits.  and i know a lot about keeping habits.  

i've had a lot of questions and emails about how i do it.  i've been thinking of putting together an inexpensive 30 day e-course complete with a workbook, an inspiring print, and an option to have daily emails to help keep you on track.  

is this something you'd be interested in?  if so, could you please reply to this post or send me a note via email.  i'd love to put something together for the new year and want to know if it would be valuable to a lot of people.  and also, if you AREN'T interested could you let me know why not?  thank you so much.  i appreciate your feedback!


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new work :: passion for pattern blog hop

once again claire has organized a passion for pattern blog hop showcasing over 40 international surface designers. i took part in her first one and it was so much fun.  if you're coming from patterns apart, welcome to my blog.  take a look at these patterns i've worked on in the past week.  enjoy! repeat surface pattern pattern collage by tammie bennett repeat surface pattern cell flower by tammie bennett repeat pattern rectangle grid by tammie bennett

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