i'm off to surtex - see you back here june 1

tammie bennett's clouds pattern

SURTEX is almost here again.  i'm printing a few last portfolio pieces and trying to consolidate my many to-do lists into one big one.  i'm not letting myself get bogged down by all the things i had planned on doing, but instead celebrating all the things i DID in the months leading up to this show.  i had so much fun creating a promo video.  i created some photoshop patterns that i'm completely in love with (like the one above!).  i became proficient in photoshop.  i balanced preparing for surtex with client work.  i stayed under budget.  i made new fun promo cards and sent them out to dream clients.  i also created promo postcards to hand out at the show.   i worked out 5-7 days a week.  i majorly cleaned up my eating.  i have been an active and present parent to my three kids and their activities.  wow, that's a lot to be proud of when i see it written down.  

i'm looking forward to sharing my booth this year with 2 other artists from the happy happy art collective, emily balsley and jill howarth!  we have a crazy but cool booth design and i can't wait to see it all come together!

if you want to read a few posts about surtex, check these out:

my observations and tips after exhibiting for the first time last year.  a few of these i should have listened to more this year when planning!

tara reed's advice for those planning on walking the show

lauren lowen's advice for those planning on doing surtex - 


**i'll be back here on the blog june 1st with a recap and some other fun stuff.  i owe some people a post about photoshop, so hang tight friends….

groundhog pattern for spoonflower

tammie bennett's groundhog pattern for spoonflower contest

i've been doing tons of client work lately that i can't show you yet. i can't wait until i can!

in the meantime, i decided to take a break from my work to create something from my own head and i remembered spoonflower's contest of the week is groundhogs.  that's just the thing i needed!

i'd appreciate you voting for my design on spoonflower if you like it!  click here to vote.


kittens in mittens


i couldn't resist this month's spoonflower contest.  kittens in mittens.  i whipped this puppy (ahem...kitten?) up quickly before the deadline.  

if you feel so inclined, i'd love a vote on spoonflower!  click here.  and thank you in advance if you do indeed vote for my design. 

speaking of kittens, my daughter has decided she must have a persian cat.  i'm starting to find notes taped to the walls of the house.  and "persian cat" has made it to the top of the christmas list ::

photo (1).JPG


spicing up old patterns

if you've been around me or this blog for awhile, you probably know i did a pattern a day for all of 2013.  some were great, some were not.  but i did at least one pattern every single day. 

in my preparation for surtex, i've been going through a lot of those old patterns and spicing them up a little bit.  sometimes a new colorway can bring the pattern to life.  sometimes adding some details here or there does the trick.

i thought it would be fun to show you some before and afters.  

and please, don't be too judgmental of my befores.  sometimes i did my pattern at midnight after a long day of chasing kids, running a camp and being sick. 

before on the left, after on the right:: 





pretty amazing what a little added detail and different colors can do, right?