i'm baaaaaack.

hi friends!  i've missed you.  a billion things have happened since i wrote last, and maybe i'll fill you in on all the details sometime when we're all bundled up in chunky knit sweaters and holding mugs of hot chocolate with two hands.  but for now, i'll just let you know the biggest news of all ........

we moved to portland oregon!  whaaaaat!?  yep.  we found out about a month ago that my husband's job with nike will bring our family from NJ all the way across the country.  after a visit to NC to visit my family, a home-scouting trip to portland, and a cross-country road trip with 2 adults, 3 kids,  2 dogs and all the belongings we could fit into our suitcases, we are here.  

i have so much to say about moving, about letting go, about my serious urge to write, about starting fresh and reinvention.  i also have a lot to say about being real and true (i've done a lot of heavy reading!)

but for now, i'll just say it is so, so good to be back here in the space chatting with you.  how have you been?!  tell me the most amazing thing that you've been a part of in the past 3 months (and to keep it real, if you want to tell me the cruddiest thing that's happened, go for it baby!)

*the image above is my new portrait for the happy happy collective website.  we are all redoing our portraits and I'm seriously in love with all of them!  we have some fun things planned in the upcoming months*