my word of the year 2011 :: do.

the word do i like the idea of a word of the year. for me, it means a word that keeps you traveling on a certain path. when i get in a rut or get a little stuck, i can look inside and see this little sign hanging there and blinking gently, and i can keep going.

are you ready? here it is. my word for 2011 is "do".

there are some out there who say you should pick a word that isn't really a doing word, but more of a being word. i certainly picked the do-iest word of all, didn't i?

DO :: i tend to gather and gather lots of information and inspiration. i read books and blogs, i take photographs and spend hours on flickr and pinterest, i sketch, i pay attention to my surroundings, i tear out sheets from catalogs, books and magazines. and then i soak it all in and digest it. and then i think of all the reasons why i shouldn't start my project. and then i don't start it. or if i do start it, somewhere around the middle i stop. and then i get a little sad that i didn't do that project that was so brilliant in my head. or that i didn't finish that project that was going to make me so happy. and i am ready to stop that cycle. on the days when my head gets full of doubt, or procrastination, or fear, or fatigue, i'm going to remember my little blinking word. DO.

looking ahead

goals for 2011 i like the idea of new goals for the new year, or restating and refocusing goals from years past. especially this year, since it will be 1.1.11 tomorrow. i was pretty happy with the goals i had for myself for 2010, and felt like i was somewhat successful in my endeavors.

my 2010 was overall a really fantastic one, but ended on kind of a sad note, so i am trying very hard to focus on the wonderful moments instead of the few and far between not-so-wonderful ones. thank you 2010. and to you, dear 2011, i can't wait to meet you and greet you with open arms...

here are some things i would like to accomplish in 2011 ::

  • carry my journal and a camera with me always. there were a lot of thoughts and photos that i missed out on this year because i didn't have my journal or camera
  • i'm enrolled in karen russell's photography class. i want to engage and complete it. you'll hopefully see a big improvement in my photography this year.
  • i am going to try a project 365 again. i made it until april 17th last year and the greatest hurdle was the editing and posting of the photos - not the taking of photos. you can check on my progress here {and feel free to leave comments - i'm going to need all the encouragement i can get!}
  • blog more consistently on this here brand new beautiful blog... i do hope you will visit me often!
  • write in my gratitude journal more consistently. i do take time every single day to silently acknowledge the blessings in my life, but i would like to be better at writing them down.
  • reduce the time i spend online reading other blogs, newsletters, social sites, flickr, etc. i still love all of those things, but i find that i spend so much time online that i don't do enough living off line.
  • take better care of me, re-find my style, and put more thought into my appearance. with three kids under 8, it's been easy for me to fall into a rut of wearing yoga pants, no makeup, no jewelry, and going to bed sometimes without washing my face. and don't get me started on how many times i haven't exercised, and how many sodas i've consumed. i've been looking at old photos and i realize how much i used to enjoy shopping for clothes and accessories.  i really owe it to myself not to live my life looking like i just crawled out of bed.
  • use what i have ~ i have so many crafty supplies and i would really like to try to use what i have as much as possible rather than buying more. (of course, i may have to make an exception for some fantastic fabric lines that just came out.  and a fuji instax camera.  i may have to use some christmas money to buy those.)
  • i have many other goals that aren't quite so interesting. {there might be one that has to do with laundry}. and i have a specific list of crafty goals that i will be sharing soon.

    p.s.  speaking of lists of goals, have you heard of the 43things site where users can list their goals and be cheered on by others? may be worth checking out.

    check back tomorrow for my word of 2011. in the meantime, i have a fire to sit by, 3 kids to kiss, a husband to play board games with, and a dinner to eat. happy new year!