feeding my soul

i've been feeding my soul lately.  

tambennett is an artist mixed media

the months leading up to SURTEX were filled with making technical repeats and lots of digital art.  and lots of logistics and planning and marketing.  i didn't do much drawing-for-fun or painting.  (i did keep my sketch-a-day streak alive, don't worry!) i was talking with lesley grainger at the show (i was so blessed to have her as a neighbor) and we were both saying how we couldn't wait to get home and create art with our hands, getting messy with paints.

so i've been mixing up my media.  putting on some music and losing myself in just creating without a thought to who will want to buy it, or where i should try to sell it.  it's been amazing for my innards, i tell you.  

tam bennett energy works mixed media

soul food #2 :: i got so excited to get lilla's mini assignment in her make art that sells boot camp. nautical!  i have so many nautical sketches in my books and so many ideas in my head that i feel like i might explode....or at least start leaking out of my ears.  

tam bennett make art that sells nautical sketches

soul food #3 :: we got puppies!!!  if you follow me on instagram, you'll definitely get your cute puppy fix, although i am trying so hard not to flood my feed with puppy pictures!  it's amazing how quickly they became part of our family and how much we already love them.

(speaking of instagram, i'm halfway through my daily thankful sketch project, #365tinythanks.  i sketch a tiny thing i'm thankful for each day and post it on instagram.  can you believe we are already halfway through 2014??)

soul food #4 :: reconnecting. i lost touch a little bit with my online artsy friends and the happy happy art collective gals, and i'm so glad to be back connecting!  it feels so good to be involved and supported (and it feels good to be supportive of my buddies too!)

although i didn't create the mixed media pieces above with the intention of selling them or submitting them to companies, i was quite struck by something margo tantau said during the MATS meetup.  she said to show the world what you create in your play time.  what do you create for fun?  THAT is the work people want to see.  THAT is the work that can show art directors your range.  this proved to be true that very day at the show when i was speaking with an art director in my booth who liked my work.  but then i showed her a few pieces of my mixed media that i decided to bring at the last minute and she gasped.  "i am more interested in THAT.  send me THAT."  

so as part of my 50 asks, i'm sending one of my mixed media pieces out into the world today. speaking of my 50 asks, i've already sent 2.  today will be my third.

i leave you with two questions today.  if you are joining me on my 50 asks, have you done any yet?  and two, how have you fed your soul today? 

another 100 days of sketching

if you've been around my blog for awhile, you may know that i've been sketching daily since october 9, 2012 in order to create something daily and to sharpen my artistic skills.  it has become such a part of my day that i do it without thinking, without questioning, without resistance. for this second set of 100 drawings, i once again wanted to keep it simple: black and white line drawings.  no editing allowed.  some days were very intricate.  some days i could only muster a few lines on a page.  but i sketched. every single day.

i'm celebrating these drawings just as much as the first 100 and i'm feeling grateful that i have this sketchbook to look back on.  i have put them into a video for you.  i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!


tammie bennett's sketch a day for 100 days. these are sketches 101-200.

want to check out my first 100 days of sketching? here you go.

do you have a daily creative ritual?  i'd love to hear about it.


zen. drawing.

i've been looking on amazon for drawing/painting books lately, but without seeing them in person, it's hard to choose.  they don't have a very big art books section at our local bookstores.  i kept seeing zentangle books pop up when i did my search and i thought they looked cool. it actually looks very similar to a lot of my sketches {lots of repetitive patterns}.  then i read jen's post where she mentioned zentangle and included a link to this great zentangle video. the kids and i were sort of trapped inside all of saturday because it was too cold to do much outside, and there were workers tearing down our front porch. with all of us inside and with all of the banging outside, i thought it was time for a little zen drawing. i found this zendoodle video and we all watched. the kids were immediately inspired, and we set off. maggie didn't like it at all - she went back to drawing dancing girls and fashion models.

here is emmie's.  she was very proud of her work, and i have to say i am a big fan. ::

jack really liked it and kept coming back to it throughout the day. he sometimes gets frustrated when he is trying to draw literal interpretations of things, so i think this abstract, repetitive pattern drawing is right up his alley.  i think he did an awesome job.  here is jack's {unfinished. he likes the idea of coming back to it over the next few days}:: and here is mine. i'm totally going to do more of this type of sketching. it was so relaxing. and so portable. which is good when you have to keep moving to different rooms where there isn't sticky stuff on the tables...