a hodge podge of links for your weekend

i am super pumped to be included in UPPERCASE magazine's 2014 surface pattern design guide in issue 21 of the magazine.  i am so in love with this issue not because i'm in it, but because it's jam packed with so. much. goodness.  if you love the feel of rich paper, love looking at beautiful layouts and gorgeous ink, not to mention awesome articles about creatives, you must get this magazine.  and if you order using this code :: USPDG2014 ::  by april 30, you get a $15 discount.  win-win!


i'm giving a little tour of my workspace on the happy happy art collective blog today.  check it out!


i'm really busy with SURTEX prep - i'll post an update and show you my flyer next week.  i've finished almost all of the details and now can just focus on creating a few more good pieces and printing my portfolio.  i can't believe it's in a few weeks!  

speaking of SURTEX, if you are an artist planning on walking the show, please check out tara's advice.  she has some amazing tips!  and if you are an artist walking the show, know that i would love to meet you and chat, but if i'm busy talking with a manufacturer or art buyer, please come back when i'm not busy.  thank you!



painting time and happy weekend

paintings in progressa few nights ago i was browsing the web and i think i found what i really want to do in the creative world. i'm going to take a class next month to see if i'm right. i will keep you posted. in the meantime, chris and i had a conversation and i decided to take my art more seriously. i've been working 3 hours a day no matter how inspired i am and it's amazing how much i can get done in 3 focused hours. i tend to paint in batches anyway. if i mix a really cool color for a painting and have some left over, i immediately start a new canvas so i can use that color on something else.

so here's a peek at what i was working on today.  can't wait to show you the finished results.

happy weekend everyone!