scenes from my sketchbook

every day is a gift print by tammie bennett

today i'm sharing one of my recent favorites from my daily sketchbook.  when doing my daily sketch page, i only use black and white becauseit makes it so much easier to create a page when i don't have to worry about color.  

i created this after hearing about the death of a family member of someone i only know on the internet but it struck me with sadness.  

every night before i go to sleep i spend a moment in gratitude that my family is healthy, safe and happy.  every single night that i go to bed after a healthy, safe and happy day, i know i have been given a gift beyond measure.  even if i whispered, "thank you" every second of the day it wouldn't be enough. 


where you are right now..

where you are typography postersometimes when i'm working on a new project or trying something new, i get bogged down in all the preparation and learning and put off the doing. i've realized lately it's so much better to just jump in and get started and learn as i go.

this is a reminder to myself to just start. i'm going to make prints of this to sell in my shop when it opens.

i love this photo so much.  i took it  just as the sun was starting to set on one of my favorite places to run.  it's fitting that i decided to use this image because i've been feeling so out of shape lately on my runs.  i'm nowhere near the level of fitness i've had in years past.  but this is where i am right now.....and i'm ready to start.