these are resources i've personally used and loved or have heard great things about from people i know.  the items with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links, meaning if you click that link and then make a purchase a small percentage of that sale gets kicked back to me.  thank you for your support. 

art + illustration

getting organized

  • evernote - to help you remember everything
  • evernote essentials  - learn how to use evernote *
  • insightly - an amazing way to keep track of your clients, projects, opportunities.
  • todoist - my fave task organizer. 
  • dashlane - keeps all your passwords safe and synced across multiple devices.  this app saves me so much time and keeps away so much frustration!*
  • airtable - i've used this to create a database of all my art and who it's licensed to as well as all my contracts and their terms. it's super easy to use, has an iPhone app, looks great and has been invaluable to me so far! *  


  • streaks app - helps me keep track of my sketching and journaling every day habit
  • dailygreatness journals - i LOVE mine.  i have the dailygreatness journal and the dailygreatness wellness journal.  they've helped me set my goals and keep an eye on them.  use my link to get 5% off yours! *
  • - great way to keep track of your accomplishments and progress on a project
  • tailwind - schedules my pins to pinterest.  LOVE this! *