these are resources i've personally used and loved or have heard great things about from people i know.  the items with an asterisk (*) are affiliate links, meaning if you click that link and then make a purchase a small percentage of that sale gets kicked back to me.  thank you for your support. 

art + illustration + art business

  • flora bowley's e-course is GREAT for freeing you up to let loose and paint*
  • skillshare has some awesome classes on photoshop, illustrator and hand lettering*
  • lilla rogers's make art that sells ecourse was fantastic.  you can see my reviews of the class here
  • design garden has amazing illustration classes that are PACKED with inspiration and information.  
  • learn to use adobe illustrator┬« - alma is an amazing adobe illustrator instructor (among many other things!).  see her classes on atly
  • tradeshow bootcamp - katie does an amazing job with this class teaching how to get your products ready to sell wholesale and how to exhibit at a tradeshow like NSS.  the amount of care and information she gives to her students is invaluable!
  • moo - business cards, postcards and more.  great quality, easy to order, and my favorite part is that you can print a different design on each card!  great for artists, chefs, illustrators, poets, photographers, etc!  use my link to get 20% off your first order.*

getting organized

  • dashlane - keeps all your passwords safe and synced across multiple devices.  this app saves me so much time and keeps away so much frustration!*
  • airtable - i've used this to create a database of all my art and who it's licensed to as well as all my contracts and their terms.  i also have a list of my products and their SKUs. it's super easy to use, has an iPhone app, looks great and has been invaluable to me so far! *  
  • trello - free app that i use to keep track of all of my ideas in board form - sort of like pinterest (but i don't include pictures).  this is where i keep my product ideas, supplier info, file setup guidelines, podcasts i want to listen to, and WAY more.   
  • asana - after trying it and not loving it in the past, i'm definitely a convert !!!  another free app that helps me keep track of my tasks and projects.  i break down my big tasks into tons of little tiny tasks that i love checking off!  it's great for teams, too.


  • dailygreatness journals - i LOVE mine.  i have the dailygreatness journal and the dailygreatness wellness journal.  they've helped me set my goals and keep an eye on them.  use my link to get 5% off yours! *
  • - great way to keep track of your accomplishments and progress on a project
  • tailwind - schedules my pins to pinterest.  LOVE this! *



  • denise duffield-thomas' money bootcamp - this ecourse really helped me transform my money mindset and helped me figure out my money blocks and make more money!  it was expensive, but worth it and i already made my money back plus some!
  • ebates - get cash back when you shop.  seriously, no tricks.  i was skeptical, but started using it and have made almost $300 just from buying stuff i was going to buy anyway.  use my link to sign up and get $10 when you spend $25.*
  • cash app - super easy to send and receive money from friends.  great for paying someone back for pizza!  use my code :: DVMFTNF and get $5 when you send your first $5! *