i'm tammie bennett.  i'm a married mom of 3 and a self taught artist, illustrator and designer.   

almost all of my designs are drawn by hand and then scanned into the computer for processing and color.  i love mixing elements of hand creation with digital art.  i like using bright, fun pops of color and imagery that gives a happy vibe. 

i am inspired by my children's art, runs through the nearby trails, vintage candy wrappers and vintage children's books. 

my work is on all kinds of products including stationery, wallpaper, fabric, wall art, and more to come!

i graduated from the university of north carolina at chapel hill with a B.A. in journalism with an emphasis on marketing. 

i graduated cum laude from pepperdine law school and passed the california bar exam, but having my first child during the third year of law school made me realize i wanted to work from home, and i have never practiced law.  

being the oldest of 6 kids has helped me become the problem solver i am today. 

some fun bullet points about me ::

  • i believe in singing with abandon, making up dance moves - each with its own name, and running in the woods.  i also believe in being thankful, being happy, and being creative.
  • i laugh everyday with (and at) my husband and 3 kids.
  • i am the oldest of 6 kids
  • i love wearing knee socks.
  • i love pretty much anything with red and white stripes.  red and white striped knee socks?  double bonus.
  • i was a competitive runner for many years and i miss being in that kind of shape.  i still love running, but my body doesn't always agree. 
  • i really love to dance. someday i will have a dance room in my house.  think strobe lights, a disco ball and speakers that play booming base.  oh, and a mirror so i can check out my new dance moves.

enjoy your day!