2 books you should read right now. (but not at the same time)

right after i posted the list of all the things i need to do before alt, i finished one great book and started another. i got so absorbed, i didn't even pop in on the blog or twitter. if you are looking for a good read [or two], check out these books. extremely loud and incredibly close :: gorgeous. painful. real. infinitely sad. infinitely beautiful. it literally hurt my tummy to read parts of it [but it could have been the extra large helping of ice cream]. i really wish the movie was out in my area. wildwood :: written by the lead singer of the decemberists, and illustrated by his wife, which are reasons enough to buy the book.  really great story complete with talking animals, bandits,  a battle, children, owls and a wicked governess.  it's a young adult book, which i kind of like now and then because the good ones have plot lines and great characters and still hold the magic.

speaking of magic, i substituted for the aide in my daughter's preschool class on friday.  5 hours of uninterrupted magic, but never an uninterrupted sentence.  the teacher was unexpectedly called out of the room for 30 minutes while i held down the fort.  16 four year olds all excited to talk to me, a new face. which i have to believe had wide, panicked eyes and slightly trembling lips.