#30daysofplay weeks 2-4 recap

in june i decided to embark upon #30daysofplay.  30 days of me having fun in my art journal and posting on instagram, regardless of how it looked in the end.  it was a scary proposition, but i'm so happy i did it.  see the first week's recap here.  

++click on any image to see it larger++

here is week 2 :: 

here is week 3 ::  

and here is the last week of #30daysofplay :: 

so what did i gain from my #30days of play?

++ i know i need to work on my photography.  and i need to work on styling my image with better backgrounds and props. 

++ i had so much fun just playing.  not allowing myself to think of if it would sell or how many likes it would get on instagram.  

++ even though i didn't worry about the final outcome while i was creating, there were definitely some days i didn't want to post it on IG because i thought it wasn't good enough.  but i posted anyway and there was something freeing in that.