36 things before i turn 36.

i'm turning 36 in a little over a month. here are 36 things i want to do before that happens::

  1. get a haircut
  2. go to the dentist
  3. try a new pilates/yoga fusion class at the gym
  4. go for a 10 mile run
  5. try snowshoeing or cross country skiing
  6. really clean out my craft room~this seems an impossible task
  7. fall in love with a new band
  8. go to the movies (saw black swan)
  9. finish a small quilt
  10. go for a night walk or night run
  11. make valentine's day gifts for the kids..and chris (a painting)
  12. buy a piece of jewelry for myself
  13. visit a thrift store
  14. buy an article of clothing for myself
  15. read 3 books (hunger games trilogy.  in less than 4 days, no less.)
  16. make a snow angel
  17. read about a fashion designer
  18. learn a simple song on the piano
  19. use my pink mixer to make something yummy
  20. learn john jacobson's dance as seen on ellen
  21. make a family movie
  22. make snow cones
  23. watch a friend in a karaoke competition
  24. go on a date with my husband
  25. buy a vinyl album
  26. do 11 pushups in a row
  27. watch "valley of the dolls" cause one of my friends said i should
  28. eat salmon
  29. draw pictures with the girls
  30. work on a cub scout belt loop with jack
  31. go to anthropologie
  32. play board games with the family (crazy eights.  i never won a hand)
  33. complete the mondo beyondo course - having given it my best intentions, energy and thought.
  34. try a new food
  35. workout before the kids go to school
  36. rearrange the grownup side of the basement