#365patterns :: catch up april 8-12

you may have noticed i haven't posted any of my #365patterns here since april. i wrote a bit about it a couple days ago. i have faithfully created a pattern every single day since i started. i've carried my laptop with me on trips big and small, i've created patterns at wee hours in the morning and crazy late at night. i am so, so proud of myself for sticking to it and i know that i will continue to do so.there have been some terrible patterns, and there have been some that literally make me squeal out loud with joy. some have been very challenging and some i could probably do with my eyes closed (hmmm, an idea for when i'm struggling in late november perhaps?)... i talked yesterday about why i haven't been posting and why i decided to post my work again. i'm happy to be back.

bear with me, we have a lot of catching up to do. i figure 5-7 days at a time isn't so bad. tammie bennett's tulip moon pattern

tulip moon

tammie bennett's mermaid tail pattern

mermaid tailtammie bennett's broken bars pattern

broken bars - cherry colorwaytammie bennett's broken bars pattern

broken bars - playground colorwaytammie bennett's triangle camp pattern

triangle camptammie bennett's ay pattern

ay in minttammie bennett's ay tonal pattern

ay in tonal minttammie bennett's ay in coral pattern

ay in coral what's this #365patterns challenge all about? melanie burk and alma loveland issued a challenge to create a pattern a day and share on instagram. anyone can join. see more info here. to see the other patterns i've posted as part of this challenge, click here.

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