#365patterns challenge

tammie bennett #365 pattern h bambooso you know how i mentioned my pattern-a-day goal for this month? i mentioned alma and melanie's #365patterns challenge where they are posting a pattern a day onto instagram and they've invited anyone who wants to join in. i debated joining them a little bit because posting takes time! plus, i had a few other concerns about whether this would help me further my goal of getting a licensing contract, so i wrote them an email asking some advice. i know they are both incredibly busy moms who each have multiple businesses so i wasn't exactly expecting them to both reply with amazing advice within an hour of me sending the email. but they did! that's what it's all about people! it lightened my step all day to know that there are really busy, successful people out there who are willing to take time out to help someone not as far along as they are. i hope someday i can pay it forward (i almost hate that phrase now because it makes me think of that terrible movie.) i know i'm going to sound like i'm in a public service announcement, but we really can all work together. i have faith that we all have enough creativity and there's enough space in this world to help each other out here and there rather than clawing each other apart.

SO anyway, i'm in!  i'm taking on the challenge.  i'll be posting my designs here every day along with my regular blog posting.  if you want to follow me on instagram, find me here.  and if you want to follow all the designers taking part (you should-the designs are amazing),  you can search #365patterns on instagram.

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