#365thingstowear daily art project

tammie bennett #365thingstowear 365 project daily art

Every single day in 2017, I painted something to wear and posted it on instagram with the hashtag #365thingstowear.

This is the third year in a row I've done a public daily project and it might be time for a rest.  (2016 was #daily10secondsprint and 2015 was #365tinythanks.)

Here are some thoughts about my #365thingstowear project ::

I divided each month into a theme to reduce the amount of overwhelm in deciding what to paint.  January was leggings, February: socks, March: sweaters, April : accessories, May: undergarments, June: dresses, July: swimsuits, August: t-shirts, September: shoes, October: costumes, November: athleisure, December: outerwear.

I enjoyed shoe month the most.

In october, i had a lot of fun having people guess the costume.  

I painted every single day and posted it that day.  Even when i traveled or didn't feel good or had sick kids or a really busy schedule.

There were times I LOVED the project and times I did NOT.

My #365thingstowear project was featured in issue 36 of UPPERCASE magazine.

i TOTALLY want to own some of the items I painted!


i'm super excited to be teaching a tiny, daily habits workshop at field trip in portland oregon on january 14th.  I can help show you how to do a tiny daily habit of your own!  i'd love to see you at the workshop : click here to register.