4 little bitty things that are making me happy right now

tammie bennett non dominant hand line drawingi like to celebrate the small things that bring me happiness. here are four that are kickin' around my head right now...

  • i figured out what the heck that little camera icon on my iphone lock screen means. if you slide it up, it opens your camera without you having to unlock your screen, flip through your screens until you find your camera. this is sooo cool. and i feel so silly that i didn't figure it out before. when you are done with your camera, if you want to bring the lock screen back on, you slide it down from the top of your screen. eep!
  • i'm using packaging from mail, old cereal boxes, and paper trays from produce for palettes when i paint. i know it seems so tiny, but this is making me feel really happy right now.
  • i tried drawing with my non-dominant hand (my left), and it was so fun. that's how i drew the girl up top. and when i say non-dominant, i basically mean the limb that dangles uselessly by my side. i was created so unequally. or maybe i just trained myself to be totally right side dominant. but it's fun to use my left and now i think i'll sketch with my left hand more often.
  • when you are using the blog brush in adobe illustrator, you can hit your left or right bracket to change the size of your brush. squeal. i learned that tip from bonnie in an illustrator tutorial she put together for the roost tribe. if you are even remotely tempted to join the tribe....do it. so worth it. kind of crazy the amount of coolness each month for only 5 smackers. seriously.