5 things i'm loving right this second

my gold glittery nail polish

  • the avett brothers. a friend asked me a few months ago if i liked the avett brothers. i said i hadn't decided but was leaning towards maybe. folks, i was wrong. i ♥ love ♥ them. so much. as in, listening to them on repeat. all. day. long.
  • life of pi. i read the book this week and saw the movie today. so good. the one little missing piece i had in my mind about it got filled in when chris and i talked about the book and movie. a whole new depth of appreciation for the book happened.
  • streaks app :: thanks to this little piece of psychological trickery, i have sketched and written in my journal for 90 days. and i've exercised for 30 days. in a row, people.
  • cross country skiing. i took a lesson through our local park system today, even without snow. i'm going to love this sport. it's been on my bucket list forever. i won't be crossing it off my list quite yet since we only skied on bristly mats today, but i'm already dreaming of our first snow. or traveling to a place that has it. you can read more about my XC skiing adventure here on my friend lauren's blog.
  • goodreads. i know another social network is seriously the last thing i need right now. but it's sort of like browsing shelves from my own couch. if you want to compare bookshelves, connect with me on goodreads yay!

and just because you rock, you get to read about one bonus thing i love.  i can't leave this out ::  gel nail polish. my manicure lasts for 3 weeks instead of 3 days. i know it's probably doing something totally harmful to my nails, but in the meantime i'll just keeping looking at my glittery {and wrinkly} fingers in the sun.