50 asks

tammie bennett's fifty asks

over the past few months, i've realized i've been keeping my best work to myself.  i haven't been putting it in my portfolio.  i haven't been sending it to manufacturers. i haven't shown it on my blog or social media.  i did get to show some of it at SURTEX, but there were a lot of images hidden away in my portfolio books and not as many people flipped through books as i had planned.  lots of buyers at SURTEX found the images they wanted in the stack i had on the desk out of my portfolio. 

SO, i'm taking on a challenge for the last half of this 2014.  i'm going to update my portfolio so my best work is shown.  i'm going to send my work to 50 companies/media outlets/manufacturers.  

in the past i've talked about a quest for 100 rejections.  and i loved and followed every step of corinna's quest for 100 rejections.  jia jiang made famous the 100 days of rejection therapy.  the idea is to ask for things without the fear of rejection.  or to overcome the fear of rejection.

while i still respect and love that idea, i decided to change the wording of my quest this time around.  i don't want to confuse the universe by the word rejection.  i don't want to receive rejections and frankly i'm not afraid of them anyway.  yes, it will sting a little to receive one, but i've heard "no" before and will do so again.  and i will be okay.  

lilla rogers said something at SURTEX that really resonated with me.  she said when you are asking the universe for something, add  "or something better" to the end of your request.  i LOVE that.  so i want a fabric deal with X company.  i say, "i want a fabric deal with X... or something better".  why limit myself?  maybe there is something better waiting for me but i didn't have the courage (or awareness) to even ask for it.  

and so it begins.  i'll spend the last few days of may sending the last bits of SURTEX followup and updating my portfolio.  starting in june, i will put my best work out into the world.  i will put it in front of the eyes of my dream companies, buyers, magazines, blogs, etc.  

i'll keep you posted.  

(if you want to join along, i'd love the company.  let me know.)