a call for more balls


my husband and i fill our conversations with each other with big ideas and dreams and goals. all the things we want to do with our professions, our kids, our health, our free time, our lives.   we think BIG. and we talk BIG.  

i had a conversation with a new friend a few weeks ago that made me realize that most (ALL?) people i know very rarely talk about these things with people outside of their significant others.  there is something scary about telling your big fat goals to someone who might not love you unconditionally.  they might laugh at you, express doubt, try to talk you out of it, cloud you with their disbelief.  it takes a certain kind of courage to just lay it on the line.  to tell people the big dreams in your head. 

but in my conversation with my new friend (whom i’d known for less than an hour) he made a ballsy statement about his goals.  his unabashed statement took me by surprise.  my surprise wasn’tbecause i was doubtful of his abilities or talent – i have full faith that he can do it.  my surprise came because my ears aren’t used to hearing big statements from non-chris people.  

the funny thing is that the people who make these statements so flat out make you believe they can do it.  if they have the balls to make the statement in the first place, chances are they have the balls to back it up with the hard work it takes to get there.  

so i’m putting out a call for more balls.  tell someone outside of your innermost circle what your big, fat dream is.  tell them all the details.  tell them how you’re going to do it, what it means to you, how bad you want it.  and then have the balls to do the work to get it done.