a corner of my home

tammie bennett corner of home

right now, this is the happiest corner of our new house.   

Let's start with the plant.  It's the first big plant we've had in our house in years (maybe EVER in our married life).  somewhere along the way I got the idea that all plants would suffer a miserable death if brought to live (die) with us.  So I gave up on having them around.  But as I looked over the inspiration images i had gathered for our new home, they ALL contained plants!  I realized that as much as I love being outside and running on trails, I must bring some of the outdoor life inside.  So now we have this plant and it makes me happy every single time I see it which is like a million times a day. 

And now let's chat about that lamp.  Oooh that lamp.  Love.  I saw it at target and knew I had to get it.  No question.  It's a little silly and it’s inexpensive and was from the children’s section.  but i love it and i’m learning to fill our house with things i love.  thank you marie kondo*.  and william morris.

now i must keep it real and mention the rolled up rug in the background.  i love this rug.  it’s white with black marks all over.  i’m super into black and white right now so i love this rug.  but i sure as hell didn’t buy the rug only to have it rolled up and stored in the corner.  turns out my dogs love this rug too.  to pee on.  they wait until i leave the house and then they pee on my rug.  i did all kinds of research and found a great way to remove pee stains and odors from carpets. and i even searched  ways to naturally repel your dog from peeing on your rug (other than paying for an expensive dog trainer).  but they still pee on my rug.  so we rolled it up and put it in my happy corner until some miracle happens and my dogs are suddenly trained and no longer like to pee on my rug.  

i guess technically my rug (doggy pee pad) does not add happiness to my corner. maybe i’ll hang it as a wall tapestry. 

i don’t have any art or photos on this wall yet, but i will. maybe right around the time i get to put the rug back down on the floor.  and then it will be my super duper happy corner.  

*this is an affiliate link, so if you buy a book from amazon using this link, i'll get a tiny bit of money at no extra cost to you.  i'd use that money on buying art supplies or furniture for my home or food for my kids.  so thank you.