a few of the things i love

things i love hope you're all having a good valentine's day.

thought i would share a few things i love.

  1. lip gloss.
  2. ranunculus.  i don't really see them in jersey.  saw them and bought them often in california. sigh.
  3. striped knee socks.
  4. top knot buns.
  5. books.  reading.  spending a few hours in a different world.
  6. red shoes.  flats especially.
  7. cherries.  and the memories they bring.  i miss my grandparents and their orchard every day.

it goes without saying (but i'm totally saying it anyway), that i love my kids and husband and our families and friends so, so much. i try to do a pretty good job of showing that on a daily basis, so i don't need to do that here. but i will give you a peek at the love notes we wrote to our kids today...

valentine's notes