a fun activity for when your son is on brain rest after a concussion

repeat pattern jacks whales my 9 year old son suffered a concussion after a fall on the playground at school. we are so thankful that it was just a concussion, although they are pretty serious. his doctor told to him he needed "brain rest." brain rest means no reading, video games, tv or other activities which require use of the brain. hmmmm, i'm trying to think of something that doesn't require brain use, but i'm just not coming up with anything. hahaha.

but in all seriousness, i felt so sad for my poor little guy - who is normally a physically and mentally very active boy. what was he to do for all these days of brain rest?   i made him take naps and do light reading (like the 2012 national geographic kids almanac - i learned a lot of cool facts as we lazed around on the couch). i also let him watch a little of the voice with me. i think the show gives a good message to follow your dreams and never give up. i love the judges. i'd love to have a beer and wings with adam and blake...... and my husband, of course.

but i digress...  my girls have been totally consumed with gymnastics fever....thank you mckayla maroney.  they were practicing in the yard and i made jack come sit with me so he could at least breathe the fresh air and catch a couple rays of vitamin d.  i was working on a pattern in adobe illustrator and he wanted to give it a try.  he drew those whales you see at the top of the post using his finger on my touch pad.  he came up with the color palette and the placement of the whales and i helped him turn it into a quick repeat pattern.  he got so excited to see it come to life.  i used it in my project life album yesterday.  now he wants me to print it and make it into a notebook and he wants me to sell it when my new shop goes online.    i think i'll do just that.