a little glimpse of my repeat pattern making process

flowerfield night pattern looking at my stream of #365patterns so far, i kind of have to laugh because there are some crazy different styles presented. but they all come from somewhere inside me and make sense somehow.

when i sit down to create a pattern, i often come up with a color palette first. sometimes this comes from an image i've seen on the internet, or i'll just pick a color that i'm "feeling" at the moment, and then pick more colors to go along with it.  then those colors together usually give me an idea of what i want to create. if they are bright and fresh, i may start creating wildflowers, if they are bold and dark, it may be more of a technical pattern....

other times, i'll see an image and know instantly that i want to create something from it. in fact, the pattern i posted today came from seeing an image on rachel denbow's instagram feed. it was a picture of her daughter's clay project which was super cute, but my eye also caught a glimpse of a cool rug. it had triangular patterns and used an awesome color palette. i started there and did my own geometric interpretation and i added and switched the colors up a bit.

sometimes i will spend 3-4 hours on a pattern and still not be finished.  sometimes, especially if i'm stuck, i'll give myself 15 minutes to create something and call it a day.  some of the patterns i've created in that speed round have been some of my favorites.  it pays not to over think it sometimes.

a lot of my patterns are created directly in adobe illustrator, but i'm really enjoying the process of sketching my designs, scanning them in, and then editing and coloring them in illustrator.  more of my upcoming patterns are headed this way.

i have realized one thing for sure :: the more i create patterns the better i am at creating them. reminds me of quote that i love by william hazlitt, "the more a man writes, the more he can write."

edited for correction :: i said i colored my patterns in photoshop. so not true. photoshop makes me quiver in fear in a corner. i scan my sketches into illustrator to edit and color.