a study in triangles

illustration : study of triangles

i'm easing into the week today. ever have one of those weekends where you feel like you never stop moving, but you don't have much to show for it? pretty much sums up ours. highlights - we did some big time cleaning of the kids' craft room and mine (mine still has a loooong way to go).  we got a new car for chris - whoot! no more driving him and picking him up all the time - which translates to a lot less whining from the kids. i went into the city to watch a fun track meet at madison square garden with a friend. it's actually embarrassing that i live so close and this was my first trek  since moving here over 4 years ago. i'm definitely planning some day trips into the city this year. we finished off the weekend with a long bedtime song where we all contributed a little crude potty humor. the kids thought it was simply hilarious while chris and i laughed and looked sheepishly at each other. but sometimes there are magic moments even amidst the crudeness, and i'm happy that we gave in to it. once it got out of hand we made them promise not to sing the song at school. i'll let you know how that goes....

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