a very late surtex recap

a couple weeks ago i went to surtex - a trade show for the selling and licensing of original art and design.  it has been on my dream list of things to do in the world of illustration and design, so i wanted to actually see it first hand to make sure it really belongs on my list.  it does. sorry for the lack of pictures on this post, sort of ironic given that surtex was a complete visual overload. you aren't allowed to take pictures of the booths or art without the artists' permission. and i had read all kinds of advice for artists like me who are merely walking the floor. that advice said to walk around but not to bother the artists who had spent a lot of time and money preparing their booth.  they want to be available for potential licensees to stop by and purchase or license their work.

i walked around a little terrified  that the artists in their booths were thinking i was stalking their work, ready to go home and copy it.  i tried to act nonchalant, when in reality some of their booths were stunning and i wanted to stop and stare for awhile.  i had to take breaks because the show was so visually stimulating that my brain felt like it was going to explode a few times.  so much color!  so much pattern!  so much loveliness.

i took a full day of classes in the surtex conference program.  they were really helpful, i and i would totally recommend them to artists thinking of getting into art licensing.

i walked the floor everytime there was a break between classes.  here are links to the booths that caught my eye.  (when i got to the end of the rows, i would take out my pen and paper and furiously try to write down everything i wanted to remember.) ::

if you want to read all about surtex, tara reed has a great post full of links to other artists' posts about surtex.