a visual goal map for my artist journey

part 1 of tammie bennett's  illustrated goal map tammie bennett's goal map part 2

i've known for a little while what my goals are in art and design in a sort of vague and shadowy way. i want to see my designs on fabric, children's products, stationery and tech products. but last year i kept getting totally paralyzed by overwhelm, and not knowing how exactly to get there. well, i did know lots of the steps thanks to rachael taylor and the art and business of surface pattern design course. but putting them in order and doing them one by one was somehow out of my grasp.

along came tara and the starship. the starship is a group of creative entrepreneurs that has weekly check-in sessions to keep each other accountable, a private forum to ask questions, and classes and exercises to bring clarity in your business.  i joined on december 31 i think - based on a decision to make 2013 the year i really get things rolling. i got started on my map-making guide right away, which is one of the most helpful aspects of the starship in my opinion.   going through the map-making guide has been SO valuable to me and really helped me get a clear vision of the steps i need to take to get where i want to be at the end of this first quarter.  i broke my big fat Q1 goal into 10 big milestones.   i hit one when my website went live.  i'm working very hard on the next 9.

tara includes several really cute map making templates in the guide, but of course i had to make my own.  (i LOVE an excuse to draw and play with adobe illustrator!) the picture above is my visual goal map for the first three months of 2013.  i drew a small mountain range on my map for each milestone.  i printed out my map and hung it on the wall in my studio next to a list of my 10 milestones.  i printed off little flag stickers that i'm placing on my map every time i do something that gets me closer to the next mountain.

i'll check-in here on the blog from time to time over the next couple months to let you know how i'm doing.  so far, so great!

how do you keep track of your goals and progress?

p.s.  for you visual people out there, have you seen vizify?  it's a graphical online biography.  you can see mine here