another surtex 2014 update

  • added my image to the rotating marketplace on
  • created the postcard above
  • created huge list of dream companies i'd love to work with
  • spent hours hunting down contact names and information for each of those dream companies
  • emailed and sent promo postcard to many people on that list
  • attended a webinar on booth presentation
  • started a couple collections that i'm loving!
  • purchased an ad in the surtex directory handed out at the show
  • submitted designs to UPPERCASE for the surface design directory to be handed out at surtex and also available online
  • sent final payment (whew)
  • downloaded and read the exhibitor manual, put the dates into my calendar, asked questions about flameproofing and hiring building contractors on the linkedin group page
  • made a list of goals for surtex - at the show and after
  • started thinking of my booth giveaways, booth decorations, press kit design....

less than 100 days to go!