another watercolor + photoshop pattern :: october goals

tammie bennett's watercolor flower garden pattern

remember two days ago where i talked about my goals for october being to learn watercolor and to learn how to create patterns in photoshop?  

i used the same watercolor elements from that pattern to make a new repeat pattern where more of the background is filled.  it took waaaaaaay longer than it probably should have because i'm not so quick in photoshop and i'm sure i took the looong way 'round.  but i got there.  i am so happy with it.  i can't wait to try lots of new patterns with some of my paintings and watercolor work.  i definitely need to streamline my process though...

i would love to see this as wrapping paper!  or sheets.  or an envelope liner.

i had a fun lunch with a friend yesterday and she asked "so what visions do you have for your art business?"  it was so nice and refreshing to have her ask me that because i rarely have anyone ask me that and i rarely get to talk about it.  i think we should all ask that of each other more often because it pushes us to feel more comfortable with both talking about and fleshing out exactly what it is we want.  and then we can support each other in getting farther down that path.  right?

so what visions do YOU have for your art? or for any other area of your life?