artists around the world blog hop

i am so happy to be taking part in the artists around the world blog hop.  the lovely jill howarth (one of the happy happy artists) wrote some crazy nice things about me and my art and now i get to do the same for her and 2 other artists of my choosing.   

just as her blog title says, jill's illustration is shamelessly cute. i mean, i want to pinch the cheeks of all her work!! but jill adds a layer of sophistication that lets you know how smart her work is underneath all that cuteness.  jill used to be a senior designer and art director for hasbro, and you can see that evidenced in her amazing work and in her knowledge when talking with her.  

jill's shamelessly cute illustration

jill's shamelessly cute illustration

jill has taken on a 40 days of lettering project which i am completely in love with.  her hand lettering is one of my favorite things about her work.  she could completely convey a mood or feeling with words alone.  

jill howarth's stay on top lettering

my other totally favorite thing about jill's work is her insane character work.  the depth of detail and texture and personality she creates in her characters is something i can only aspire to.  

jill howarth letter m
jill howarth - just be you
jill howarth's terrarium

i hope that when the 6 of us happy happy collective artists get together, jill can give us a demo of how she does her lettering and adds texture. i know i can learn so much from her!


and how the part of the blog hop where i  answer a set of questions :: 

what are you working on?  this week is a little slow as far as client work goes, so i'm working on teaching myself how to create complex patterns in photoshop.  i'm putting together a proposal to send to a fabric company because i really want a fabric licensing deal.  i'm also working on a couple projects for and finally, i'm working on adding some prints to my shop.  

tammie bennett's character sampler

How Does Your Work Differ from Others in Your Genre? well, for starters i think it's a little more naive.  i'm a brand new little baby in the art world and have only been sketching and using illustrator and photoshop for about 3 years now.  i'm still finding out my style, so i just sit and create exactly what's in my head.

Why Do You Create?  i create because now that i've given myself permission to be an artist, i can't imagine a day without creating something.  i have so many ideas in my head that i think they'll spill out of my ears and that would look really weird, so i get them out through my hands onto the paper instead.

What is your creative process?  i never had any formal art training other than a few online classes i've taken, so my process really comes about naturally and from playing around.   i sketch every single day without fail.  sometimes those sketches turn into projects and sometimes they don't.  i bring in my hand drawn sketches into adobe illustrator (tm) or photoshop (tm).  i then digitally color and add patterns or textures.  (i'm still working on using textures.  and i'm still teaching myself photoshop.)  i also enjoy working to briefs because it helps reign in my ideas and gives me the challenge of trying to create something that fits within the constraints of what the client wants.  


the next artists up are anika starmer and kimberly ellen hall.


i've been following anika's work for awhile, and she always has some exciting project she's working on.  

like her index card a day project.  a piece of art on an index card every day for june and july.  you guys know i love a daily project! 

anika starmer's index card a day

anika is always trying something new and always filling up sketchbooks.  she inspires me to let loose and just PLAY.  she did some paintings that were started by simply using sturdy paper as her palette.  and wonderful things came from it.  

anika starmer paint

and you know i love me some pattern!  check out her pattern a day series.  

anika starmer pattern

i love that she realized part way through that most of her patterns were on white backgrounds, so she started experimenting with colored backgrounds.  that's a perfect example of what i love about anika.  she is always pushing herself farther, experimenting, pushing her boundaries.  i find that so inspiring!



and kimberly ellen hall.  i've been a fan of her work for quite awhile too.  i got to meet her ever so briefly at SURTEX, but we were both manning our booths alone, so we didn't get to chat very long.  

i love, love, love her 52 week deck of cards project.  i hope they get made into real ones someday. hint, hint. 

kim's gorgeous line work and her perfectly places bits of color are so gorgeous.  

kimberly allen hall's illustration

i just love the hand drawn quality to all of her work!

kimberly allen hall's march calendar

be sure to check out the lovely work of jill, anika and kimberly for yourself!

p.s. i'm on nicki's blog today, so stop by and say hello!