asking of myself

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somehow it has been over a month since i've last posted.  how does that happen? 

we've had a lot of transitions in our home this summer and to be perfectly honest i've had a hard time adjusting.  

i've had a lot of work assignments find their way onto my plate, which is amazing and i'm so thankful.  but i've also had 3 kids at home who love interacting with me.... especially when i'm in my studio.  and we've had no childcare.  add to that 2 rambunctious and not-eager-to-be-housetrained-but-still-adorable puppies.  add to that lots of new issues with a new registration system for the camps that i run with chris.  add to that a drastically different job for chris requiring him to be in NYC quite a bit and we never really know his schedule from one day to the next. (that one is a really hard adjustment .) add to that a tiny crisis of confidence in my work.

so how am i going to adjust and deal with the chaos?

++ i got a babysitter for a few hours a day, a few days a week and i work like crazy while she is with the kids.  when she is not around, i try very hard to be present with the kids.  and puppies.  and husband. 

++  i'm working really hard on self-improvement and self-care which is helping my confidence.  i have some great resources to share with you in a future post.

++ chris and i have made big decisions on what we will spend our time on and what we will delegate or stop altogether.  i'm very excited about those changes and will talk about them more here soon. 

++ i've learned there is a great power in asking for help.  i don't know why i've spent so much of my life thinking i have to do it all.  help is a glorious thing.  

++ i am going to take the rest of the month of august off from blogging.  i'm going to be working on my watercolor and photoshop skills and getting our kids ready for a new school year.  our sleepaway camp for 200+ high schoolers is coming up and requires a lot of time and energy.  i'll be working on house training the cute puppies (any tips?!).  i'm going to soak up the last little bit of summer and go a little easier on myself.  

++  i've put aside my 50 asks until the kids go back to school.  i'm using my summer to explore areas of my work in which i really want to improve and grow.  mainly watercolor, photoshop, lettering, brushwork.  i'm taking the stress off of actively finding new work.  i'm embracing the learning for fun.  i'm LOVING what i'm creating and i can't wait to share it here.