tammie bennett's illustration

maybe it's the knowledge of the impending big birthday, but i feel older in way i never imagined.  i remember being a brash teenager with a super fit body from years of competitive running.  i remember thinking "i'm never going to have aches and pains in my body that keep me from doing what i want to do."  and now here i am.    

a few weeks ago i was at my computer working on a project on a tight deadline and i pretty much didn't get up from my chair for 10 hours.  yes, i know it's not good for your body and it's not good for your eyes, but i was in the zone.  and on a deadline. 

the next day my back was on fire and i'm still dealing with pain and discomfort.  there were about two weeks when i was in so much pain sitting in my chair that i couldn't work.  

i can't believe i did that and i can't believe i've now turned into that achy, grouchy, mobility-impaired person i swore i would never be.

i'm taking this as a mega wake up call.  i'm going to take breaks every hour to stretch, even if i have to set an alarm to remind myself.  my chiropractor actually suggested taking breaks to just lie on the floor on my back for about 5 minutes.  sounds amazing and i hope i don't fall asleep!  i'm also going to be better about drinking water and taking breaks away from the screen to save my eyes. 

i'm sharing this here in case you're also guilty of spending too much time sitting in front of your screen without taking breaks.