be back december 2.

tammie bennett's illustration dance with kitty i'll be back here on december 2 with an updated site and portfolio. i've realized that i've done so much work that isn't on this site, and i want to do so much with my work in the future, but i'm not showcasing it properly. at all. i feel so much better about the new direction i'll be going with this site.

i'm squirreling around behind the scenes, registering my work with the copyright office, making art for lilla's make art that sells course (look for my recap on my site after december 2). i've also been taking sabina's design garden class which is jam packed with great information.  i'm preparing for surtex, making lots of art and putting together collections. i'm renaming and organizing my tons and tons of files that have been placed willy nilly all over my computer desktop.  (i'm also clearing the big time stacks of real paper that are cluttering my real desktop).  i'm finding new organization systems that are working for me and eagerly creating plans each week to keep me in check.

have a great november and keep in mind all the things you are thankful for.  i know my list is gigantic.


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