be back soon!


you know it! another pattern i made on illustrator. i'm going to take a few days away from this space because i'm going on a trip! i will be back next tuesday when it will be december and i will have lots to share with you... this past weekend, the high school cross country team that my husband coaches qualified for the national championships! they are going into the championship ranked #1 in the country! so exciting. the championships are in portland, oregon. i'm going to watch and we're leaving the kids here with my in-laws. we've never both been away from them overnight before, and we will be away for more than one night!  i'm having tiny bouts of panic mixed with my excitement about the trip. i know they will be fine. i just hope i can handle it!

i hope to get a little time to explore portland, but the days are going to be pretty packed. if i get to scope it out, i'll be sure to share pictures with you... for those of you familiar with portland, anywhere i must definitely go? places to eat? places to shop for books, music, clothes, crafts?

for those of you who frequently travel without your kids, any tips for me?

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