being part of the art community

part of art community one thing i really want to work on is being part of the art community.  i've made many art friends online, and there are so many artists and creators whose work i admire so much.  but i don't always make time to engage. i'm often exhausted from helping run our family business and being a running coach on top of being a mom and a wife that i let my relationships with other artists and bloggers fall by the wayside. also, i have such little time to create that when i do have time in my studio, i feel like i need to spend it drawing and painting, rather than emailing and being on twitter and pinterest and facebook, etc. i hope that when my youngest starts school in the fall i will find that magic balance. (HA!)

a couple weeks ago, kate thomas (a surface designer whose work i totally love!), sent me a tweet that she was going to be at renegade and invited me to drop by to meet her, i had a big decision to make. i totally wanted to meet her and see her work again (i had drooled over it in secret at surtex). on the other hand it was a rare free saturday and i was really behind on a lot of my work. but i had just written a tiny personal manifesto that included my intention to be more involved in the art community. so i said yes! my sister recently moved to brooklyn for medical school, so i kept my fingers crossed that she would want to join me for a day away from her studies. she said yes!

i am so, so glad i went! it was inspiring to see so many booths filled with amazing work. i was talking with my sister and she reminded me that there really is a place in this world for everyone's art. i realized that if you make what you really love making, there will be someone out there who will be moved by it. me and kate thomas it was so great meeting kate!  she is so sweet and funny and honest. it's refreshing to meet people who can talk about things the way they really are without sugar coating but without complaining or negativity. i enjoyed meeting her so much that i forgot to buy something from her super busy and super cute booth. i'll have to order from her online shop!

me and my sister

and i had such a great day with my sister!  i'm so proud of her for being in medical school and finding her way in this big world.  we loved williamsburg. we found a flea market that will keep her busy on the weekends when she isn't on call. (and some good restaurants too!)

**stay tuned for a little more renegade recap**