reasons why you should buddy up.

handsi used to be super competitive and driven and solitary.  you know, sort of like, "i am a rock, i am an island."   as i've gotten older i've realized that it's okay to ask for help.  and it's okay (and normal) to struggle to get things done.  maybe due to the fact that i have 3 kids and multiple battles for sanity each day, but i don't always have the energy to fight my own resistance.  sometimes my body is super tired and getting in a run seems impossible.  sometimes my brain is so fried i can't even imagine picking up a pen or a paintbrush.

so i started asking for help.  i started setting up meetings with people to help me get things done.  i started running with other people and checking in with a facebook group of creatives.  here are some reasons why you might wanna buddy up too.

  • you help someone else that may need it
  • someone helps you when you need it
  • you can complain or vent about how hard something is while you are in the act of doing it with someone else....and before you know it, the hard part is done
  • you'll enjoy it more when you share the experience with someone else
  • you're more likely to do something if someone else is holding you accountable or depending on you
  • you both come out of it better in the end

do you have a buddy system in place?

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