check in on my monthly goals

tammie bennett's goals for januarytime to check in on my monthly goals for january.  i really like this just-focus-on-a-couple things each month concept.  (thanks elise!)  be sure to check back tomorrow for my february goals!  i have a feeling february is going to rock just as much as january did!

1. 2013-feelings-icon-clarity massive cleanup of my studio :: CHECK! i was totally ruthless in getting rid of things i don't use. i will be listing tons of awesome stuff on etsy on monday. for cuh-razy cheap! i'm destashing quilting fabric, sewing notions, fabric covered button magnets and parts, gorgeous yarn, ribbon, belt supplies, trims (ricrac, bias tape, twill tape, piping), and possibly some jewelry supplies (beads and findings). i'll give you guys some peeks around my studio next week - i forgot to take photos during the light. wait, i actually do have one sneak peek and some decluttering tips decluttering right here. i got rid of so. much. stuff. and i feel like i can breathe. it was so freeing! it took a LOT of hours, but it was so worth it. i'll be sure to post when i have all the destash goodies on my site. you won't want to miss out!

2. 2013-feelings-icon-prosper2013-feelings-icon-productive launch my new website and online shop :: CHECK! i launched my site (you're here!) and shop and i'm hosting a giveaway - go enter before 11PM EST february 3! i still have a few tweaky things to do (add more of my images to my portfolio and clean up some of my categories on the blog), but they are minor. so i still totally get credit for accomplishing this goal!  i'm so happy to get some balls rolling now that my site and my portfolio are live!  i was even featured on print and pattern - which was one of my goals for after my site went live!

3. 2013-feelings-icon-healthy 2013-feelings-icon-confident continue my daily exercise :: CHECK! i have a whole post about this i'll share with you soon, but for now i'll give you the overview. i ran every single day of january. and i did a plank and pushups every single day in january.  actually 55 days in a row counting today.  i feel stronger and more confident.  (and super thankful that i didn't get sick and have to miss a day!) for more about what each of these feelings means to me, visit this link

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