check out my new website and portfolio


i am so happy to be back here in this space.  i'm ready to share what i've been up to.  my time off from blog updates also turned into time off from all social media and i have to say it really helped my creativity, but like always i really started missing the interaction.  so i'm ready to start connecting with my peeps again!  please say hello and we'll get that conversation going again!!

it's been a long month, and it was really hard to get my momentum going due to so many days of having the kids home due to teacher workdays, holidays, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, sickness, traveling, etc.  i can't complain about having extra time with my bubbies, but it makes getting work done super hard.  i really try to have balance and keep my patience and perspective, but this month tested me. 

anyway, i hope you take a little tour around the new site and new portfolio.  i've updated my about page and my resources page too. 

i have TONS more work that isn't up yet, but i realized that my site doesn't have to be perfect.  it just has to show my work.  and truth be told, i can't imagine a day where i will sit back and say, "ahhh.  my site is done.  nothing more to add or tweak or edit."  nope.  it's an ongoing process and i'm embracing it.    if you do see mistakes or things that may need changing, don't hesitate to drop me an email and let me know. 

how are you?  anything exciting you're working on?  fill me in!

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