christmas time is here

christmas fireplace

the fire is raging. we are listening to christmas music. but we don't have any decorations up inside or out, i haven't planned out the advent calendar past today, i haven't done more than 50% of the gift shopping, haven't begun to wrap a single thing. we haven't made our travel plans. we haven't practiced the songs for the christmas play enough. needless to say i feel chaotic and a little frizzy. but you know what? my kids are ecstatic every morning and every night. they have the little dancing, twinkley eyes that children get this time of year. and it's spreading. i'm feeling it too. the gifts will be bought and wrapped. i'll plan out some fun advent activities. songs will be sung with cheer. i will breathe, sing, and be merry.   {and eat.}

tammie bennett2 Comments