clay. rocks.

rocks made from clayi'm working on a painting that requires a lot of waiting time, so while i was waiting, i started playing with clay. i cut these trapezoidal rocks. it was quite relaxing.  the kids came in and of course had to get in on the clay action, but somehow i didn't get a picture of their creations. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with these, but i love how they look.  i think it will make me happy to just have them sitting on a shelf in my craft room. i proudly showed chris when he got home, not thinking it strange at all to say, "hey chris, look at these rocks i made out of clay today!" he just gave me this quizzical look that i took to mean "okay. she is now making rocks out of clay. we have rocks outside. why didn't she just go get some of those?"

tammie bennettComment